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Editor Afterword

Writing has always been about freedom. And there is nothing more free than starting up your own journal and inviting wonderful writers from around the world to share in your vision. I'm always respectful but never shy about my opinion. I've asked some of you to edit, change a word or two and even rewrite a title. As a writer of 30 plus years and associate editor three times removed I feel I have a good handle of what is strong work. Few editors out there will engage you other than sending a soulless form letter. Let's learn from each other, get our work out there and actually have some fun doing it. I also want to welcome a new edition to the journal, Marchelle Young, an experienced poet and fiction writer whom will be handling short fiction submissions.
July was a fantastic month of new writing and new friends. The journal continues to increase its presence around the world and we currently being read in 22 countries.
August was another month of growth and friendship. We are nearly at 10,000 reads in 60 days of operation. Read now in 26 countries.
September is moving along excellent with new voices and perspectives. Please keep in mind our publication date is a rolling one. Meaning your work might not might up on the 1st but rather later up until the 6th. International acceptance also means time consuming format stripping. But I'd rather these small delays than lock someone out of publishing their work because they can't afford a word processor or a wireless connection.
October is a beautiful month for another excellent batch of poetry and fiction. Sept turned out to be a difficult month with the Hurricane and its aftermath. And now as I lay out October issue a monster has gunned down over 50 in Las Vegas. Whether storms or monsters we as a people will press on to find a better day and hopefully one day a safer country.
Mark Antony Rossi, Editor in Chief

Big Thanks: Murray Turner for creating this site. And Sy Albright, long time intern and overall webmaster.


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