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My walls of my room would be bare
No tickets, leaflets, fliers
Only blank white paint would ever be there.

The songs on my iPod, just tunes
Background ambient noise
With nothing attached but lonely blues

The stories and poems on my laptop
Just lonely, misinformed fantasies
Waiting to be given up

The money in my bank would be some Smaug’s horde
The clothes I wear would be rags to cover me
My possessions would be nothing if I was alone.

Just to have them alone isn’t enough
Cause who’d be there to care?
My valuables mean nothing
If they are not shared.
Jen Hughes

Jen Hughes is a writer from Ayrshire, Scotland. She has been furiously scribbling ideas and writing elaborate stories from as early as age 7 but hasn't started putting her work out there until a few years ago. She has been published on various online journals such as Oletangy Review, Minus Paper and Pulp Metal Magazine. She also has her own website which has an up-to-date portfolio of short works:

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