Who Brought the Sharpie

Who Brought the Sharpie

I believe I will publish all my best poems on passed out people’s foreheads from every party I attend.

These walking billboards will make me famous.
And it will become a great mystery worldwide.

As to what kind of asshole brings a sharpie to a party just to write fuck on someone's forehead .

But space is limited and an ode to a beautiful women is far too difficult to craft on a living canvas .

So I will keep it simple to suit the era I live in.

It will trend worldwide .

And soon people will beg me to sign their children's foreheads to.

Some may even tattoo my words  to forever recall this encounter  .

Then gather when they realize I finally published my novel one word and a half wit at a time .

It only took me forty one years to finish and endless drinks and cirrhosis  of the liver but what a small price to pay for art.

I don't believe I will live to finish its sequel .

But I heard amateurs are working night and day at frat and house parties to honor my name .

Yes I'm that guy you shouldn't fall asleep around .

Boredom makes people do some weird things and write even stranger things like the shit you just read .

You're welcome .

John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins is a poet, author and podcast host of "Off the Wagon." His latest ebook "Smoking at the Gas Pumps" is available through http://www.somapublishing.com


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