Just Me and the Jukebox

Just Me and the Jukebox

I sat there just the bartender to keep me company .
And I rather not listen to the bartender so I kept drinking and playing the jukebox through the night .

Blowing smoke rings to collect in the corners of the neon cast room.

Beer is a simple drink and I always preferred the bottle to the can.

"You know the cans are more efficient my man".

The bartender said to me.

I took another sip looking at him .

"I still prefer the bottle all the same bud."

Another old country song came through the speakers .

It was loud and drown out his chatter .

He didn't understand me and that suited me just fine.

I didn't like most people let alone this prick .

I just didn't own a neon sign or a jukebox .

So until I either write a best seller or win the lottery .
It would be here I remain feeding the jukebox and killing my liver with Milwaukee's finest piss water .

I believe if I didn't drink away my last dime I would buy a lottery ticket the following day .

I think my chances were better at being struck by lighting .

Long as I catch a buzz I seldom complain.

John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins is a poet, author, editor and podcast host of "Off the Wagon."  His most recent ebook "Smoking at the Gas Pumps" can be purchased at http://www.somapublishing.com


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