Irish-American Tribute

Irish-American Tribute




you sang

a bonny Irish tune,

a blarneyed shamrock


making merry

with the kissing stone.

Your sun-starred chestnut curls

wild with cowlick

refusing to be combed.

Freckled eyes smiling—

emeralds pooled

on sparring hearts


to be free.

We still listen

as we


your weary-worn

rocky hills

and fertile fields 


by the strings of the Celtic-harp song.

Jill Morgan Clark

Jill Morgan Clark's writing has appeared in various books and literary magazines —Lerner Publications The Vanishing Series, Capper’s, The Independent Review, Pocket Change Literary Magazine, Hedge Apple Literary Magazine, and forthcoming Celestial Musings. Her current short story series, “Machete” is published through Lyonesse Press: The Silver Empire.



Very beautiful poem, Jill. It's a wonderful tribute to your dad.
John CLARK said…
I had the fortune of meeting Joe and enjoyed his breaking out in Irish songs.

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