Granite and Grace


Granite and Grace

(inspired by Mike Anders)

I sense the ghosts of heroes
Roaming the rusted engines
Of sky craft tossed like toys
In some giant’s playground

What stories they might tell
Embedded in hulking frames
Sealed like Egyptian secrets
The daring dreams of airmen

The battles purchased in blood
The bonds forged in flight
The brothers fallen from skies
The broken families spill over

Now metal skeletons lay exposed
Like cosmic nerves of a generation
Who will speak their glorious names
Who will honor their prodigal days

I salute their existence in poem
And call to your waning heart
To build a spiritual memorial
More precious than another wall

Of granite.

Mark Antony Rossi
Mark Antony Rossi is a poet and playwright and author of a number of titles including "Corrupt City of My Heart: Select Short Fiction 1990 - 2018"


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