Lucid Reality

Lucid Reality

I was right in the middle of a good one.
There was the beach and again my life did exist .

It was paradise nobody around for miles .
We laid out on the sand.
Cooler full of beer .

And the peacefulness that was a unspoken truth between us.

I knew I was dreaming again.
And I knew the minute I realized that.

Soon I would return to the hell that was my life these days.

"What's wrong baby"?

You said looking at me as I sat up.

You were that vision even now I can so easily recall.

"Hell sweetheart I just know none of this shit is real anymore".

"Baby what do you mean are you okay "?

"With you I always was kid,  to bad you never truly knew that"?

"John please don't talk like that I am right here ".

She was right about that and in my dreams she always was as well as my wide awake nightmares .

I awoke to the darkness of this tomb I called a home.

Dreams were a cruel escape .

I poured my first of many .

One day hopefully soon in these dreams I could forever remain .


John Patrick Robbins 


John Patrick Robbins is a barroom poet and editor and chief of the Rye Whiskey Review  His work has been published by Ramingos Porch , Red Fez , Angry Old Man Magazine, Blognostics, Blue Pepper, Outlaw Poetry Network , Boned Magazine, Spill The Words , Horror Sleaze Trash , Rasputin Poetry Thread , Academy Of The Heart And Mind , A Beautiful Space , The Paradox Review. His work is always unfiltered.


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