Friday Night

Friday Night

The bright lights shine
Yet there is darkness.
Cheering and screaming
Yet there is silence.
Silence yet my heart has rhythm.
The rhythm of the drum taps.
Command shouted,
Body automatic;
Left, right, left, right.
Am I in step?
Did I stop in the right spot?
Heart still pounding.
Play! Play with passion!
On the toes!
Don't forget!
Push until there's nothing left,
Then continue to push some more.
Breathe and keep going.
Remember your notes.
Play your solo.
Don't mess up.
Last note.

 Elexus Hurley 

Elexus is a wife and mother to one daughter and currently resides in Sylva, North Carolina. She is a student at Western Carolina University pursuing a degree in Music Performance. She plays the French horn and in her free time she likes to relax and spend time with her family.


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