Addictive Dream

Addictive Dream


I watch as you float in your comforting numbness;

you're finally at peace.

You sank a needle into your arm,

but at least hope you no longer must flee.

It's okay, father.

Your monster is at rest.

Sink deeper into that void.

You don't have to wake for me.

It's true that I despise what you have become,

but I loathe God more when the Devil weeps.

So, I beg you.

Let the medicine kill the pain of your failures.

Let that glorious haze engulf you.

Let the darkness creep.

May your heart perish in this addictive dream.

W.D. Frank
W.D. Frank is a surrealist author who has been a fan of everything dark and weird since he was four years old. His first published work was the psychological horror tale, "The Whereabouts Of Mrs Trisha." The folks at Literally Stories loved it so much that they told W.D. he was the best darn writer they ever had... right before they threw a pizza party in his honor. His debut novel Lucifer's Ladder was published by the now defunct Fear Front Publishing while several of his poems and short stories have been published in the Cake & Quill anthologies. (A charity group created by a group of writers who all hate W.D. for stealing their adorable pets and eating their families with a side of vanilla ice cream) W.D.'s ultimate dream is to seduce James Franco and use the actor's almighty stoner powers to create a world where babies aren't allowed in movie theaters. He is also an avid Pokemon fan and will ramble gleefully about Silent Hill or Final Fantasy any day of the week. If you have a problem with that, then by Valtiel's rapidly twitching head, run, rabbit, run!




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